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12 Tips to Save Money and Make More of it!

Do you know where your money is going? At the end of every month do you know how much money you have spent? And better yet, do you know what you spent it on? Out of all the money habits that have helped our finances, tracking every transaction we make has made the biggest difference on our spending and saving. Daily we watch the numbers change and adjust our spending based on those numbers instead of looking at our spending only at the end of the month (or year). By the end of the month, it’s too late to change spending behaviors for the month; what’s done is done.

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Making the Switch from Processed Snacks to Whole Food Options

Most of the processed snacks on the market were created to make eating more convenient — solving every mama’s biggest pain point, am I right? Believe me, I understand the dire need moms have to save time and make their lives a little bit easier, but I also think there are plenty of healthy ANDContinue reading “Making the Switch from Processed Snacks to Whole Food Options”

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Should I Hire a Health Coach? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself First

Are you wondering what your next step should be in your health journey? Hiring a health coach may be a great solution for you! Here are ten questions you can ask yourself to decide if a health coach is right for you. 1. Do you set goals and reach them on your own, or areContinue reading “Should I Hire a Health Coach? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself First”

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Meet Tessa the Health Coach!

I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach excited to help moms reach their health goals, balance all aspects of life, and change the food culture in their homes and the health of their families! Get to know me here!

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