Coaching Services

Tessa offers a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure which service would be the best fit for you? Schedule a FREE, 30-50 minute health history session with her at the bottom of this page. Tessa does free one-on-one sessions with every potential client before they sign the contract so she can get a better understanding of their health history, current health, and their goals for the future to determine if her program would be a good fit for them. During this time, Tessa will also explain more about her services and you can decide which one would help you on your health journey the most!

One-on-One Coaching

This service is best for those who are seeking personal attention. You have goals you have been trying to reach, but need individualized help to get you there. One-on-one coaching allows Tessa to customize your experience where each session is completely geared toward yours and your family’s needs. You will meet with Tessa for an hour long call every other week for six months over FaceTime. During these sessions you will set goals, overcome road blocks, better understand your relationship with food, and get specialized help for your unique goals and health hang-ups.

Group Coaching

Launching May 2020: This service is for those who like community and don’t want or need as much personal attention or customization in their program. My group programs will have five women in them, meet weekly for 6-weeks, and go through planned course topics. They are moms who are interested in making healthy changes in their homes, want an accountability network, like learning from others, and are willing to share and interact over group calls. Group coaching also includes membership to the Homes Made Healthy Facebook Group where you can connect with other like-minded moms and help each other on your journey, as well as have access to me when we aren’t on the phone.

MY Homes Made Healthy Course

Launching 2021: This will be an online health and wellness course focused on all the topics I work with my one-on-one clients and group coaching clients. This is for women who want to learn and work at their own pace, don’t need an accountability network, but want to make changes and need a little bit more education and motivation to do so. Those who take the course will have very limited access to me personally.

Let’s get healthy together!

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