Group Health Coaching

Are you someone who loves being a part of a community? Who likes meeting new people, cheering each other on, and accomplishing goals along side others who may be struggling just like you?

Well you’re not alone my friend! My group health coaching program is designed to bring women together for 6 weeks of goal setting, learning, growing, and creating habits that will improve their’s and their family’s health.

What’s included:

  • Two 20 minute one-on-one session with Tessa. One will take place before the program begins so you can get to know each other and Tessa can better understand your health history and biggest goals, and one after the program to follow up.
  • Weekly 50 minute conference calls with Tessa and other group members. (Groups will be capped at 5 people.)
  • Access to Homes Made Healthy Group Coaching Facebook Group where you can connect further with the other women in your group, encourage each other throughout the week and share recipe ideas. Tessa will be active on the group as well answering any questions throughout the week, posting suggestions, inspirational quotes, recipes, and optional workouts.
  • Three workout routines a week guided by Tessa via videos posted in the Facebook group page.

Weekly Group Calls

My business slogan is to “help women change the food culture in their homes.” To do this I work with clients at their own pace helping them reach their own goals as it relates to these topics:

  • How to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet
  • Transitioning from processed foods and snacks to whole, natural, and nutrient dense foods. (I do not believe there is a way to eat “perfectly healthy”. Nutrition is an ever evolving and changing study, and each of our bodies react to food differently. I believe in balance and moderation. I do believe that sweets and processed foods should be limited as much as possible, but definitely enjoyed every once in a while! Read this blog post about my coaching philosophy to learn more.)
  • Improving your relationship with food and coaching around how that relationship affects what you eat, how much you eat, and how you feel when you eat.
  • Body image and self worth
  • Daily movement and exercise
  • Returning to more home cooked meals, meal planning and prepping, and experimenting with new simple recipes!
  • Overcoming cravings and binge eating

While much of my focus with clients is food focused, a huge part of my health philosophy is that the health of our mind, body, spirit, and emotions are also dictated by things we aren’t putting into our bodies, but take a tole on our bodies just the same. These things include:

  • Sleep
  • Finances
  • Stress
  • Relationships
  • Home Environment
  • Career
  • Social Life
  • Exercise

During our weekly discussions, Tessa will introduce one of these topics as that week’s focus and lead a discuss around how each woman can improve that health aspect in their homes and families. (Not all of the above topics will be covered in the six-week time frame. Tessa will select her topics based on the her one-one-one sessions with the clients prior to the program and select wellness topics that are most needed for that group.) Tessa will educate around the subject and each women will leave the call with an action step they are going to focus on that week.


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$65 per person

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