Group Health Coaching

Are you someone who loves being a part of a community? Who likes meeting new people, cheering each other on, and accomplishing goals with others who may be struggling in the same areas?

Well you’re not alone my friend! My group health coaching program brings women together for 6 weeks of goal setting, learning, growing, and creating the mindset and habit shifts that will improve your health for the long run.

Introducing my program: Foundations of a Healthy Lifestyle

My experience coaching many different people has taught me that sustainable healthy habits need to be built on a strong foundation. If you’re ever going to make health a part of your lifestyle (instead of something that pops up every once in a while when you need to lose a few pounds, when summer is coming, or when you set a New Years Goal), a transformation has to take place in your mind that is then manifested in your actions and habits.

During these six weeks I work with clients to change their mindsets around their priorities and time, relationship with food, eating habits, exercise, and their bodies so they can experience a genuine commitment to living healthier.

What’s included:

  • Two 20 minute one-on-one sessions with Tessa. One will take place before the program begins so you can get to know each other and Tessa can better understand your health history and biggest goals, and one after the program to set you up for a future of healthy living.
  • Weekly 50 minute conference calls with Tessa and other group members. (Groups will be capped at 5 people.)
  • Access to Homes Made Healthy Group chat on GroupMe where you can connect outside of our weekly calls to encourage each other and share ideas about the topics we discuss and goals we set. Tessa will be active on the group answering any questions throughout the week, posting suggestions, inspirational quotes, podcast recommendations, recipes, and optional workouts.

Group Program Modules

Week 1: Clarity on Priorities – Living a fulfilling life by doing what matters most.

Week 2: Improving my Relationship with Food

Week 3: Eating Habits – Making Healthier Choices and Gaining Confidence in the Kitchen and Grocery Store!

Week 4: Improving my Relationship with my Body

Week 5: Exercise and Daily Movement

Week 6: Goal Setting for a life of Health and Wellness


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$85 per person

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